Mohammad Reza Kallaie

The mayor of mashhad
"honors president of congress"

A Message from the Mayor

I would like to welcome the esteemed attendants of the MashhadStemCells – 2020 Conference to the Holy City of Mashhad. In brief, Mashhad is the second largest metropolis of Iran and is globally known for its ancient, cultural, spiritual, tourist, and economic status. Mashhad has been endowed with such a prominence essentially because of its location – being on the ancient Silk Road – and because of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (P.B.U.H.). Hence, our city and its surrounding region has become the host of many significant architectural structures and is the birthplace of a great number of luminaries in the fields of religion, politics, science, mathematics, and literature. As an example, Abul-Qasem Ferdowsi Tusi, whose image is on the conference poster, is credited with reviving the Persian language and is regarded as a great ancient literary figure. Our city is also renowned for the presence of many scholars and scientists in a variety of academic and research institutes (e.g., the University of Mashhad, FUM & MUMS).

Given Mashhad’s standing in regards to its scientific position, we are honored to host such an important scientific gathering as this Conference. Currently, many medical and research centers and individuals are striving to establish themselves in our city, including health tourism, as a way to serve the needs of the region. In line with this, we realize that stem cell research is pertinent to the advancement of science
and medicine and hence, we warmly welcome every pursuer of advancement and knowledge.
Furthermore, we would like to announce that we are well-equipped to provide modern, standardized high-tech services for everyone’s needs and requirements.

In conclusion, I pray that your conference achieves its goals and all of your endeavors will be fruitful and beneficent for all of humanity. As Ferdowsi once said, “When one part of the body is in pain, the entire body feels it.” And to add to this saying, “When one part feels relieve, the entire body does so as well,” and so by hosting this Conference, it is hoped that we can contribute to the relieve of all of humanity.

Once again I would like to extend my warm regards to all of you and I hope that this will not be the last time you visit our wonderful city.

Mohammad Reza Kallaie

Mayor of Mashhad